TitleI Wasted Twenty Years for a Single Thought!2016-05-30 10:03:25

I Wasted Twenty Years for a Single Thought! :
Hyeran Moon, Hanmaum Church

I wasted many years of my life because I thought that I had very thin, unattractive hair.
But I realized that, during all the years I spent being anxious and blaming God, I had committed the wicked and terrible sin of not believing in Jesus,
and I could not help but repent!

[From the testimony:

I used to think that there were only two ways to solve my problem:

either God turns my hair back to the way it was before or He changes my heart so that I won't care about my hair anymore.

However, my desire for how my hair was in the past was greater, so I spent many days in tears, resentment and self-pity. 

But God's way to solves this problem was none other than the church community.

The church community, who had met the risen Jesus, surrendered to Him, and had Him as their Lord, embraced me when I revealed myself to them just as I was. That was when I was finally able to realize that my hair didn't matter!]